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Smart Tulip increases access to education for poor students
Smart Tulip wants to increase the access to education for the poorest students. Education is the best way to break through the cycle of poverty. By giving out scholarships to poor students, Smart Tulips creates the opportunity for pour students to get a better future… read more

Smart Tulip has selected 4 educational projects for 2007 - 2009
All projects of Smart Tulip are screened based on the SMART criteria; objectives, activities and results need to be specific and measurable. Smart Tulip cooperates with local organisations and has selected four educational projects for 2007-2009 in Vietnam… read more

Tax exemption
In 2007, Smart Tulip received a tax exemption of the Dutch government. We do not have to pay any tax on the donations we receive. We do not have any overhead costs and all money donated will directly benefit the poorest children read more

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